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Consolidated Tax and Financial Services is based in the Blackstone Valley region of Massachusetts. Paul Fisher, President, prides himself on providing a personalized approach to tax preparation and related financial services. 

CTFS is equipped to work in-person with clients who can commute to the Blackstone Valley. CTFS can also process taxes remotely for residents in any US state except for California and Maryland.

CTFS provides tax preparation and financial services to individuals, partnerships, sole proprietors, and S corporations.

If you have questions about how CTFS can assist you, contact Paul Fisher.

Tax Preparation

Personalized, prompt, and precise tax preparation services for individuals and for small businesses

IRS Representation

Knowledgeable, thorough support with any formal IRS inquiry; audit protection also available

Additional Services

Life insurance, annuities, bookkeeping, and payroll for individuals, small and medium businesses

Tax Preparation

Services for Individuals

CTFS offers personalized tax preparation for individuals at any income bracket. In particular, we specialize in assisting clients who find—or have found—tax preparation overwhelming and difficult.

CTFS will prepare your federal and state tax returns using our best-of-class software. In doing so, we will work directly with you to minimize your tax liability for the coming year by finding the credits and deductions to which you are entitled.

Your returns can be filed electronically, ensuring you get your refund more quickly.

Furthermore, CTFS will prepare an accurate projection that can help you decide what strategies to use for tax reduction. This way, you can have a head start on making decisions before the end of your fiscal year.

Services for Small Businesses

CTFS places the interests of your business first, striving to ensure that you have the smallest tax liabilities. We possess a keen knowledge of the tax laws for small businesses, and we pride ourselves on helping business owners avoid the hassle of cumbersome paperwork and difficult number crunching.

Reduce your chance for error by depending on CTFS for reliable and affordable services.

Benefits of CTFS Small Business Services:

  • electronic filing to ensure prompt and reliable delivery
  • precise, thorough return review to identify IRS flagging issues
  • adjust payroll withholding
  • finding all possible deductions
  • audit support and advice

If you have questions about any CTFS tax preparation service, please contact Paul Fisher.

IRS Representation

IRS Inquiries

CTFS is pleased to offer representation to clients who have received formal inquires from the IRS about their tax returns.

If CTFS has prepared your tax returns, and you have received a letter from the IRS concerning that return, we will review that letter and the return, and we will prepare a formal response to the IRS and will work directly with you to resolve the issue.

If an amended return needs to be completed and filed, CTFS will do that as well.

This service is available free of charge for a maximum of three years from the date of the tax filing year.

CTFS IRS Representation is only available to clients who prepared their taxes with us.

Audit Protection

For an additional fee, CTFS will provide audit protection through ProtectionPlus©.

This additional service provides:

  • expert assistance with interpreting and resolving federal and state audits and inquiries
  • comprehensive ID theft assistance
  • Tax Preparation Guarantee
    • reimbursement for added expenses incurred due to tax preparer errors, up to $2500 (subject to ProtectionPlus© terms and conditions)

CTFS Audit Representation is only available to clients who prepared their taxes with us.

Additional Services

Life Insurance and Annuities

CTFS is pleased to offer support with life insurance policies and annuities. These services are helpful when planning for future tax preparation and retirement.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

CTFS can support bookkeeping and payroll for small and medium businesses.

Bookkeeping assistance customarily includes weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly reconciliation of your company’s books, complete with a year-end reconciliation and balance sheet preparation.

CTFS payroll services provide full support with processing of employee time sheets and arranging direct deposit for salary payments, including the creation of pay stubs. These services can also include the creation of year-end W-2 and IRS submission.

Please note that our payroll services cannot produce printed checks.

If you are interested in any of CTFS’s additional services, simply contact Paul Fisher with the details of your inquiry, and he will assist you.

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