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CTFS is able to provide in-person tax preparation services for Massachusetts residents within commuting distance of the Blackstone Valley region.

In addition, CTFS can provide remote services to residents in any US state, except for California and Maryland.

In-Person Support Process

Step One—Inquire

After receiving your inquiry, Paul Fisher will coordinate a meeting either at your home or at a convenient coffee shop.

This meeting is designed to assess the scope of your tax returns and to estimate a timeline for completion.

Paul is also happy to answer any questions about the process prior to setting a meeting date.

Step Two—Prepare

Prior to meeting with Paul, gather and organize the following information and documents:
  1. names, dates of birth, and social security numbers for all individuals included on the tax returns
  2. driver’s license
  3. income information (W2’s, 1099’s, etc.)
  4. health insurance information
  5. medical and dental expense information
  6. taxes paid (real estate, sales, etc.)
  7. copy of previous year’s tax returns

Step Three—Meet

Paul will meet with you at the agreed upon date, time, and location.

During this meeting, he will review your documents and will provide an estimated tax return completion date.

If he requires any additional information, he will review those details and will offer guidance during this meeting.

Step Four—Return

When your text return is completed, Paul will contact you to set a date, time, and location for a review meeting.

During this session, he will offer a guided review of your returns, and he can provide guidance for future filings.

Remote Support Process

Step One—Contact

To request remote tax preparation support, simply contact Paul Fisher, indicating the nature of your request and the state in which you reside.

Please also indicate the method of communication you prefer—phone or email.

Paul will respond accordingly to set a date and time for your initial remote consultation.

Step Two—Submit

Upon receiving your inquiry, Paul Fisher will consult with you to arrange convenient and timely support.

He will review the details of the process at that time, informing you of the documents that you will submit to him and the procedures involved.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about the services that CTFS provides, or if you have questions about which service is the most appropriate one for you, please contact Paul Fisher. He will be happy to respond to your inquiry

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