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Contactless Tax Preparation

CTFS takes your health and safety very seriously.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we are committed to offering clients quality tax preparation services within the boundaries of current public health guidelines.

To do so, we have established a specialized process that will allow safe and secure tax preparation services that can be conducted virtually, without any interpersonal contact or the exchange of hard copy documents.

The Process

  1. Clients should contact Paul Fisher to arrange for a phone consultation. For returning customers, this call will typically last anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. New customers should plan for a call of approximately 30 minutes in duration.
  2. Paul will then send the client a secure link to a personalized secure mailbox.
  3. Upon receiving the link, clients should upload their tax documents to the mailbox provided by Drake Software.
  4. Upon receipt, Paul will prepare the tax returns and will send a review copy to the mailbox.
  5. Paul will then schedule a final phone consultation to review the results and for CTFS to obtain final client approval.
  6. After CTFS receives payment, the returns will be filed electronically.

Clients who have questions about this process, or about any of CTFS’s other services, should contact Paul Fisher. He will be happy to receive your inquiries.

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